Activations + pop-ups


Activations & Pop-Ups

Efficient, effective, engaging; we love to think outside the box when it comes to communicating your story to your audience. Few formats offer more “bang for your buck” than pop-ups and activations. Let us show you some innovative ways you can turn heads and grab attention no matter how small the footprint!


Photo Opportunities

Photo opportunities are everywhere! Whether you require an oversized prop, a giant hashtag or an instagram frame, we can create this for you.


Pop ups

Small is the new big! Heres our chance to really show you what we mean by innovation. Our pop-ups pack a big punch. Let us ensure that you stand out from the crowd.


Interactive Walls

Bring Your stand to life, create engaging opportunities for visitors and wow the audience with hands on experiences. We've developed techniques from simple and effective analogue effects to high end technology. Interactive elements make memorable experiences that guarantee you will leave your mark.

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